Ritual of wish fulfillment

Between us, every person in life has a period when fate “shuffles the deck” not at all in the desired sequence.

We propose to improve your life situation by performing a very simple ritual.


Everyone knows the magical power of the New Year's moment, when we make a cherished wish to the clink of glasses. It turns out that this can be done daily. Every day a moment arises when a direct communication channel opens between us and the Higher powers, our assistants in destiny. Therefore, whatever you ask for will surely come true!

Such a minute is called "golden". At such moments, maximum creative effect is achieved with minimal loss of energy.

Imagine the situation. When the right time comes, what can your personal angel hear or the one who is responsible for making your dreams come true?

“ I don’t want to live with this scoundrel! ”


“ How I don’t want to be poor! ”

But our heavenly helpers do not hear or perceive the “no” particle! Now read the quotes again without the "not" particle. Yes, this is a wish that will be fulfilled.

To avoid such moments in your life, mark the “golden” minutes on your calendar and use them only for good.


Fix the date, for example, October 12, 12.10.

The magic minute of this day, that is, October 12, comes at twelve hours and ten minutes. For the next sixty seconds, one wish must be made. It should be positive, without a "not" particle, clear and specific.

Keep one thing in mind. There are numbers on the calendar from 25 to 31. And there are only 24 hours in a day. What to do on days like these?

Here we change the rule. The month becomes an hour and the day becomes a minute. For example, on September 29 we make a wish at 09-29, and on January 31 we will have to wait until 01-31.

So, choose the right moment and make a wish. Just be patient. After all, for the fulfillment of each desire, there is a deadline for fulfillment.

Good luck!

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