Watch out, dreams do come true!

A well-known expression says: "Be careful with your desires, because they tend to come true." This expression correctly describes one of the basic laws of the universe. Especially now this law has begun to act faster than before in the everyday life of people. This happened due to the fact that the energy of all life on Earth is increasing in anticipation of evolution.

Now for us, there is no doubt that all matter, no matter how dense it may be, consists of energy. The psychic energy of a person, the quality of which is determined by his thoughts, directly affects the world around him and the entire Universe.

The same principle applies to the technique of conscious fulfillment of desires, the main principle of which is to imagine an object as clearly as possible, transfer positive energy to this mental image, feel all the joy from the materialization of what you want, as if it had already come true, and... let go of the image to freedom. The latter means not to constantly concentrating on what you want, and even more so, not to imagine how it will be realized, and worry about possible problems!

But most people program all their best endeavors for failure without even thinking about it. This comes from the fact that people do not believe in themselves, in their success. And since the above law operates for everyone every second, the Universe materializes the program of failure emitted by the human consciousness into reality.

So my friends!!! Let's think consciously, only consciously it is possible to create a better life for you and me, which we all deserve!


  1. If we Follow our hearts our dreams come true! So we should follow our own heart and dream would be true!

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