What kind of people will never become rich?

Many people believe that becoming rich is like drawing a lucky ticket. The process of receiving and accumulating money seems complex and not entirely achievable. As if this is not given to everyone and depends more on luck than on personal qualities.

Scientists from WHO argue that the ability to enrich and, accordingly, well-being is not affected at all by the favorable location of the stars, but by such an important factor as childhood trauma. In childhood, a person’s social behavior is fully formed - i.e. what model he will build in adult life. As a rule, the life of one's own parents is taken as the basis.

If a person experiences severe trauma in childhood, then his social development slows down. It is enough for someone that the grandmother closed him in a dark room as a punishment, and someone survived traumas and is stronger: betrayal, humiliation, and violence from adults. Often people from the third category become unable to be happy and achieve something significant in life.

The victims of such violence can be:

  1.  Growing up on the street or living with their parents, but left to the street;
  2.  Children are suggestible, with a weak sense of self-importance;
  3.  Children of preschool age, who, due to qualities that have not yet been formed, cannot fight back;
  4.  Children are mentally unbalanced, with pathologies.

Norito Kawakami, a doctor who led a team of researchers at the University of Tokyo, established a relationship between the ability to make good money and what kind of childhood a person had. About forty thousand experiment participants, representatives of more than twenty different countries, were interviewed. People were selected randomly, and the age of the participants was deliberately taken - from 18 years. Education, social status, lifestyle, and mental health were taken into account.

Yesterday's children, who grew up in favorable conditions, adhere to their usual attitudes in adulthood - they strive to improve their social status. Those who have experienced psychological trauma do not achieve great success in life. However, there are exceptions to every rule. And there are plenty of such examples.


  1. Thank you, this article is very good, I really agree that we must maintain the happiness of our children so that they will grow up healthily and avoid all kinds of trauma.

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