Cooking tips: pastries, pancakes, bread


To prevent bugs from getting into flour and cereals, place 1-2 cloves of garlic in the container where they are stored.


Your yeast can be prepared as follows: dilute 1 glass of flour in a glass of warm water and leave for 6 hours. Then add 1 glass of beer, and 1 tablespoon of sand, stir, and put in a warm place. Store yeast in well-closed bottles.

Instead of yeast, you can add a spoonful of cognac or rum to the dough - the effect will be the same, and the dough will become tastier.

So that when cutting yeast dough it does not stick to your hands, you need to grease them with vegetable oil.

The dough will rise faster if you stick several pasta tubes into it.

Soft dough is easier to cut if you cover it with parchment paper and roll it out with a warm rolling pin or a bottle of warm water.

If a pie, cake, or cupcake burns while baking, you need to cool it and then carefully scrape off the burnt area with a fine grater.

The yeast dough will be soft, fluffy, and airy if, immediately before baking, you add cooled boiled potatoes, grated on a fine grater (2-3 potatoes per 1 kg of flour).

If the cake is difficult to separate from the baking sheet, you need to wrap it in a wet and cold towel or hold it over steam.


Baked pancakes can be stored wrapped in foil in the refrigerator for 2 days, and in the freezer for several weeks. At the same time, they will not lose their taste but will be soft.

2-3 tablespoons of granulated sugar added to the dough will make pancakes more crispy and color in a delicate golden color.

Pancakes will be looser (but also thicker) if you first put the yolks in the dough, and add the whipped whites a little later.

Ready-made pancakes will not cool down if the plate where they are put directly from the pan is kept on a pot of boiling water.


To prevent bread from getting stale and moldy for longer, it is recommended to put a piece of raw potato or a slice of apple next to it. Bread will keep its freshness longer if stored in the refrigerator.


To make the rice white and not stick together after cooking, you need to add 0.5 teaspoon of lemon juice to the water

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