4 Projects DIY Mom's Shouldn't Do

If you're a DIY mom, you've probably gotten used to the idea that you can fix a lot of the problems you encounter around the house without using a professional. However, there are some projects that no one who doesn't have professional training and a lot of experience should get involved in. Let's take a look at the types of projects you'll want to call a pro in for, and the reasons that no amateur should take them on. 

Here's your 4 projects DIY Mom's shouldn't do list.


Installing a new roof on your home or repairing an old one is a dangerous proposition, especially if you're thinking about doing it all by yourself. Roofing can be tricky and involves pretty significant heights. There's a reason professional roofers almost never work alone. Falls from a roof can cause serious, lasting injuries.

On top of that, roofing requires a fairly large amount of experience and knowledge, from the standard asphalt roof to more complex slate shingle or standing seam steel roofs. Get it wrong, and you've wasted a lot of materials and your roof may leak! Of course, incorrect roofing may not show up in as obvious a fashion, either. Trapped moisture under a badly installed roof could cause mold and rot that you won't find for years. When it comes to roofing, call a pro.

Complex Plumbing

Most of us can install a new drain on an existing sink, put in new faucets and handles, and do other minor plumbing jobs without much of a problem, provided we make sure we know what we're doing. However, there are some big plumbing jobs that are worth calling in a professional for.

If you're thinking about installing a radiator, a hot tub, a new shower, or any other appliance or fixture that's going to require rerouting of pipes or have a significant chance of leakage, think again. Unless you're a professional plumber yourself, you probably don't have the skills and knowledge to deal with it.

Advanced Electrical Jobs

Another area where you should avoid dealing with the situation on your own is when you're dealing with advanced wiring jobs. Installing or moving an outlet, rewiring part of the house, or other more complex jobs should be left up to a certified electrician. There are some personal dangers when dealing with these jobs that you don't want to risk, plus, you could create a short that'll cause problems in the future. That doesn't mean that you can't repair existing outlets, install switches or dimmers, and deal with minor wiring, however. Just make sure you know what you're doing before you deal with electricity. 

Natural Gas

If it involves gas, steer clear. This is a good rule for anyone, mom or not. Gas is tricky to work with and should be handled only by trained pros with the education for it. Otherwise, you're risking a leak, explosions, and even possible pet or human fatalities! If you have a new stove, furnace, or other gas-using appliance that needs installation, or a gas line repair, call a professional.

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