The DIY Mom's Toolbox

If you're going to get serious about working on projects around the house, you're going to need a DIY Mom's toolbox. Allowing your tools to end up wherever they land results in confusion and frustration when you need them next, and cheap tools are often more troublesome to use. Here's a look at how to shop for tools for your DIY Mom's toolbox.

What Tools Do You Use?

First, you'll want to think about what you need for the tasks you generally perform. The standards are a hammer, several screwdrivers, a hand saw, and a drill with an assortment of bits, but you may also require wrenches for plumbing purposes or tightening nuts and bolts, Allen wrenches for furniture assembly and disassembly, and pliers for holding onto just about anything.

Clamps can also be very useful if you're likely to need to keep two objects together. After all, you don't have three hands, and helpers may be hard to come by if you're a DIY mom. Take a little time to list the tools needed for the projects you do most often, and work from there. toolbox

Choosing A Tool Box

The box you keep your tools in makes a big difference, too. If you have a lot of tools, it might be tempting to get a really big box, but then how will you move it? Wheeled boxes can fix this problem, or you can use several smaller toolboxes organized by the tools inside. Just make sure that you can maneuver carrying any box you choose, even after it's fully loaded.

Do You Need Tools Made Just For Women?

If you've ever been to a major hardware store, there's a good chance you've seen tool kits geared just for women. These are usually smaller lighter versions of ordinary tools, and they may be painted bright colors or appliqued with floral designs. You might be wondering if these are really worthwhile, or if it's just a condescending measure to keep you away from the "real" tools. The answer is that both can be true.

You don't need tools, especially for women, and there's certainly no reason to buy that pink tool kit unless you happen to really love pink. Remember to check the quality when you buy - some tools for women are made in lower grades than comparable men's tools. However, many high-quality ordinary tools are geared towards men, who generally have higher upper body strength than women. Of course, men who don't work out much may have just as much trouble with these heavier tools as you do, especially the contractor grade one. In the end, though, some tools are just too big and heavy to be easily used by people who have slightly smaller hands or a different build.

That means that looking for quality tools that are lighter in weight and small enough not to get in the way can be a good idea for women who are interested in doing their own work around the house. The job gets done a lot faster if you aren't fighting with your tools, after all. When it comes to power tools, these can be relatively tricky to find, but there are a number of electric and battery-operated models that will work well for most.

A DIY Mom's toolbox is an important part of time management. What I mean by this is, that you have the right tools, and the projects for which we have the tools or resources will be finished before the ones for which we're not prepared. Your DIY Mom's toolbox is a resource that you have that will enable you to get your projects done.

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