About choosing jewelry

Jewelry has long been considered a good gift. Gold and jewelry are given to family and friends, friends and just people who are dear to us. Any jewelry store receives good revenue on the eve of the holidays, almost any jewelry is sold, and the windows are full of variety and abundance of jewelry. We will tell you in this article how to choose the right gold jewelry and how to care for it.

It is a common belief that foreign products are much worse in quality than their domestic counterparts, is this true? Partly - yes. Abroad, jewelry is produced mainly using special equipment, in automated production, and only the most expensive products are made manually by highly qualified craftsmen. In our country, everything is done manually, for a banal reason - in Russia there is simply no such expensive equipment. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the manufacturer of the product.

The same applies to the composition of the alloy. In Russia, it is not customary to dilute it with copper, as, for example, in Turkey - we value purer and more expensive gold formulations. By color you can determine the country where gold was made: for example, in Russia, reddish shades have always been valued, and in the West with a greenish or yellow tint. (The color of gold is given by alloying elements, which are necessarily included in the alloy. In addition to the shade, they give gold durability and strength).


  1. Jewellery, its a god dame beautiful gifts for all specially for women. But now a days gold are expensive in market.

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