First meeting and boundaries of what is permitted

She was very beautiful. He was in high spirits, anticipating interesting communication. All his life he believed that any communication should bring not only results but also sincere delight in the process. He met this girl five minutes ago, walking down the street. The girl, having lost her balance on the slippery surface, fell straight into his arms.

Now they were in a dimly lit cafe. They were separated by the limit of what was permitted and two glasses of wine.

Most of us want to please a girl when we first meet. The meeting will always be decisive in the further development of relations. Many people try so hard not to lose face that they make many mistakes. Crossing the invisible but existing line between two people. Excessive and premature intrusion into your personal comfort zone will cause nothing but retaliatory indignation and rejection.

Each of us unconsciously exercises reasonable caution and controls our statements. When meeting for the first time, it is initially necessary to position the person for communication. This is done by creating a comfortable environment. A healthy sense of humor helps remove the psychological barrier between people. Further finding common, coinciding interests stimulates communication. Having reached this stage, you should move on.

The main rule in everything is maintaining a sense of proportion. Too much talkativeness often causes irritation in the interlocutor. Sometimes you just need to be quiet and listen carefully. After all, by listening, we learn many details about a person. Openness and willingness to talk about yourself will lead to success. A radiant smile and natural behavior are captivating. Correct behavior can melt even an icy heart.

Everything was going well; they had many common interests. It seemed that he had met his double, only in female form. These two hours flew by instantly. The reason is that the communication was rich and interesting. Looking into her beautiful eyes, he wished she would never leave. For the first time, I became so carried away by the process of communication that I fell into my own trap. Coming close to the girl, he embraced her and kissed her. Recently, the boundary of what was permitted between them let out a farewell groan and melted into the haze of the day.

When all the component personalities in a person are fused together, it will not be difficult to meet girls confidently, calmly, and interestingly.


  1. This article provides an insightful look at the first meeting between individuals and the boundaries of what is permissible. The author does an excellent job of breaking down the components of a successful first meeting and the types of boundaries that should be established in order for it to be successful. The author's advice is sensible and provides guidance for both parties involved. The article is very well written and provides a great overview of the importance of setting boundaries for a first meeting. It is clear that the author has done their research and has provided sound advice that should be taken into consideration when meeting someone for the first time. Highly recommended.

  2. This article beautifully captures the essence of a memorable and meaningful first encounter. It's a reminder that genuine communication is an art, one that should bring both joy and results. The emphasis on creating a comfortable environment, using humor, and finding common interests is spot-on advice for anyone looking to establish a connection.

    The author's storytelling style makes the article engaging and relatable, drawing readers into the unfolding connection between the two characters. It's a delightful read that leaves you with a warm feeling and a valuable lesson in how to approach initial meetings with grace and authenticity. Kudos to the author for sharing this insightful piece!

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