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Dating on the street is relevant!

Today, thanks to the widespread use of online dating resources, people meet less and less on the street. And some people can’t even imagine what it’s like to meet someone on the street. Undoubtedly, online dating is a useful and convenient thing, but in addition to the obvious advantages, it also has some disadvantages. In particular, this is disappointment on the first date. After all, when you meet someone on the street or in another public place, you can immediately assess the person’s appearance and behavior, and this can tell a lot about him. Communication through a computer monitor cannot convey the fullness of all emotions, and in addition, with such communication, non-existent qualities are attributed to the interlocutor, and as a result, upon meeting, disappointment occurs.

Therefore, you should not neglect the old proven way of meeting people on the street. But everyone comes up with their own idea of ​​how to do this. But the main criteria always remain the same: this business requires courage and patience. Well, we’ll tell you about several proven and interesting ways to meet a girl on the street.

Let's call the first option "question-answer". To do this, you must arm yourself with a pen and notepad. Approach the girl you like, say hello, and ask: “Have you ever read Cosmopolitan magazine?” Then, regardless of the beautiful lady’s answer, you continue to tell her that this publication is holding a promotion in which you can win an annual subscription to the magazine but To do this, you only need to answer a few simple questions. You come up with questions as you go along, the main goal at this stage is to find out the name and number of the person you are interested in. And then at your discretion: either apologize and admit your intentions, or call her later and invent a new story.

Another good way to meet people is based on strong emotions. In this case, you run up to the girl and ask her for an autograph in admiration, saying that you recently saw a film with her participation, and she was simply irresistible in it. The result in this case, as elsewhere, depends on your ability to improvise and seduce.

And finally, a simple and straightforward technique, which, however, only works in rainy weather. You are walking through the city in the rain or standing under cover and suddenly you notice the object of your dreams. And then everything is simple. You catch up, jump under her umbrella, and strike up a conversation without any pretext. In this case, suddenness and a feeling of pity for the wet person play a role. At the same time, if the conversation goes in a positive direction, you can safely invite the girl for a cup of coffee, and if she is suddenly in a hurry, then make a date for the evening.

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