Cheating on the Internet, or the Realities of Life

Every year, more and more of our lives are covered by the World Wide Web. Today we can buy and sell goods and services, meet and communicate, get married, and have children directly online. We easily compose our profile on a dating site, without hesitation uploading even the most intimate photographs, indicating real or fictitious habits and sexual preferences. The net grabs us, dragging us deeper and deeper. And now you can’t live a day without checking your email, seeing who answered you, starting a correspondence... Unfortunately, not all people can control this passion. And many of us get stuck online like flies. After all, it’s interesting here, here are friends and loved ones... Yes, it turns out that it is here that you are understood better than in life, and now you are already sure that the person sitting behind the other monitor is the one who It is at this moment that the thought comes to transfer your communication from real to virtual. And having a husband is not a hindrance to this. After all, he hasn’t noticed you for a long time, so you fly to meet a stranger on the wings of happiness, expecting real, great, and pure love... And you meet your former neighbor Vitka, who looked after you as a child... And the search for happiness begins anew.

This time you even agreed to virtual sex, and you already know everything about your chosen one. And most importantly, they told you what you love. In detail. And when you arrive at the appointed place, it turns out that you are communicating with a bearded grandfather, from whom you are ready to run away.

But in reality, it happens differently. In Russia in 2007, 40% of marriages took place after online dating. In 2008 – already 50% and this figure continues to grow. What will happen next year? So, it is likely that you will be lucky around the corner, and the next profile will show you your prince...

But every coin has a downside. After all, even a husband can get stuck on the Internet. And in the same way, communicate with unfamiliar women, having virtual sex with them. And then bring all your fictitious fantasies to life. According to statistics, 70% of men cheat on their wives. And many of them find lovers on the Internet.

Is there any way to protect yourself from this? In fact, it's very difficult. Especially if your husband has the Internet at work. Then you simply will not be able to control his communications. And at home, it will be difficult to crack passwords to enter his personal correspondence. The only means of communication that remains in your access is his cell phone.

Not a single real meeting can take place without it. After all, mobile phones have entered our lives so closely that no matter how much a person flirts and makes advances on the Internet, in order to agree on the terms of a meeting, he still uses his phone. Just remember how uncomfortable you feel if you forget your cell phone at home. And even if the terms of the meeting are clearly discussed, you still communicate with your call that you have arrived or will be there soon. In any case, the number will definitely be saved somewhere in your calls, even if you only meet the person once. What can we say about regular communication in real life?

However, if your husband has already started cheating on you (and especially if he has been doing this for a long time and regularly), then you are unlikely to be able to get to his mobile phone. But even in this case, there is a way out. Still, on the same Network, you can order from professionals the details of the telephone calls of most subscribers. Such services are provided by any detective agency. Details can be obtained at the agency office or on the Internet. I am very pleased with the availability and the opportunity to get a printout of calls in many cities where there is only Internet.

Having received call details, you can find out where your husband called and how long he talked on the phone with the mysterious brunette. If necessary, you can call unfamiliar numbers yourself, saying that you have the wrong number. This service gives you the confidence to at least reassure yourself that everything is okay in your family. Or be reliably convinced of your husband’s infidelity, and then make the right decision about the further continuation of family relationships.


  1. Virtual world making our life easy! At the same time exploiting beloved is increasing sharply! We should avoid virtuall Internet fantasy

  2. Indeed, the internet is present in most people's lives and is used for almost everything today, even for sex and finding partners, the number of 50% of Russian people who meet their partners on the internet is staggering, however, not everything is rosy. After all, the risks of lack of privacy or even frequent theft are a reality these days.

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  4. This is one of the risks we face in this digital and online world where everyone can connect easily. So each couple needs maturity in dealing with it

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