How to keep flowers in a vase

Everyone loves to receive flowers as a gift. Even men, although sometimes they pretend that flowers irritate them. Signs of attention and love are pleasant for everyone.

Flowers in a vase make us happy and remind us of those who gave them to us. It is especially important for women to save flowers from their loved ones. But nothing lasts forever under the moon. However, knowing some secrets, we can extend the life of the bouquet.

These are the secrets:

Do not leave your flowers without water for more than 2 hours.

At home, find a large enough vase for them, pour a lot of fresh cold water into it, and you can even put a couple of ice cubes in the water. Add a couple of drops of chlorine bleach and a teaspoon of sugar to the water. Bleach will disinfect, and sugar will strengthen water-conducting vessels.

Change the water and renew the stem cuts every day.

If you put any silver object at the bottom of the vase, the water will not spoil for a long time.

Wrap a bouquet of roses in thick paper and lower the flowers into a bucket of water up to the buds. Do not wet the flowers themselves. So the bouquet should be spent every night. Preferably in a cool place.

Add aspirin to the water containing a bouquet of dahlias, chrysanthemums, or carnations, at the rate of half a tablet per three liters of water.

If you were given flowering branches of any shrub, place these branches in a light solution of potassium permanganate.

Never place flowers near a radiator or in a draft.

If you were given a bouquet of tulips, you can extend its life by adding a cypress branch to the vase.

Never place lilies of the valley in a vase with other flowers. The lilies of the valley are beautiful and fragrant, but they have a depressing effect on the neighbors in the bouquet.

Mignonette and sweet peas are also bad neighbors for other flowers. Place them not only in a separate vase but also place them in another room.

Flower lovers are always concerned about how to grow flowers that do well as cut flowers. It is known that the durability of flowers, and the duration of their life in a vase are affected by the time of cutting, whether or not the flower plant was watered, and many other factors.

When buying flowers, we do not expect that all these conditions have been met. And it depends only on our efforts how long the flowers will last in a vase.

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