Cooking Tips: Jam

If, during cooking jam, the syrup becomes thick, and the fruits wrinkle and do not become transparent, then you need to add water to the syrup.

The jam will not become sugary if you wipe the edges of the bowl with a towel soaked in cold water during cooking.

If the cooking takes longer and the jam remains liquid for a long time, you can add a little lemon juice to it.

The jam should be poured into jars after it has cooled. otherwise, the berries and fruits will rise to the top, the syrup will remain at the bottom, and the jam will spoil faster.

Jam in an open jar will be preserved better if you sprinkle 1 cm of granulated sugar on top.

It is best to cook jam in aluminum or stainless steel containers. When cooking in a copper vessel, the vitamin C content decreases; in an aluminum vessel, aluminum particles get into the jam.

To prevent ants from getting into sugar, honey, or jam, you need to grease the edges of the jar with sunflower oil.


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