Cooking tips: milk, butter, cheese, eggs


To prevent milk from turning sour for a long time, you need to boil it with added sugar (1 teaspoon per liter).

In order for the milk to boil faster, not burn, and last longer, you need to put a piece of sugar on the bottom of the pan.

You can give the vinaigrette a special taste by adding a tablespoon of milk with a teaspoon of sugar.

The cream will form a foam faster if you add a little low-fat sour cream to it.

If you keep dried mushrooms in slightly salted milk for several hours, they will become as fresh as fresh.


Oil and fatty foods should not be kept in polyethylene - they quickly deteriorate and may acquire an unpleasant odor.

The rancid taste can be removed by heating oil or fat along with onion pieces.


To protect the cheese from drying out, place a piece of sugar on a plate next to the cheese.

If you put dried cheese in sour milk, it will become soft and fresh.

The cheese will not dry out if you keep it as a whole piece in a closed container with a piece of sugar in it.


You can determine the freshness of purchased eggs by placing them in a jar of salted water. A fresh egg will sink to the bottom, a stale egg will float, and an egg of medium freshness will occupy an intermediate position.

An egg boiled a few days ago will seem freshly cooked if you lower it into boiling water for 15-20 seconds.

Scrambled eggs fried over low heat taste better than those fried over high heat.

To cut a hard-boiled egg into neat thin slices, you need to moisten the knife in cold water - the yolk will not crumble.

Eggs with cracked shells will not leak if they are boiled in salt water.

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