Do you have noisy neighbors?

The whole entrance knows such neighbors and the whole entrance comes to work sleep-deprived because of them.

Almost every house has at least one noisy neighbor. The degree of his “sanity” can vary: from rare, not too violent birthdays of family members, to regular night drinking bouts or beatings of his wife. Such minor hooliganism falls under an article of the Administrative Code and is punishable by a fine because the code states that it is prohibited to make noise in your own apartment from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. In addition, it is impossible to exceed permissible sound standards even during the daytime - few people know about this, but there are such lines in the Administrative Code.

An extreme method of influence is going to court. It is necessary, together with other affected neighbors, to draw up an act in which to name the violator, indicate the time of breaking the silence, and state the claims in competent language. In order not to be unfounded, you need to request a certificate from the management company about who is registered in the hated apartment. An audio recording of the noise will be a good help (even better if you can make a video of the silence breakers). All these documents will be useful for filing them in court.

There is only one disadvantage to such actions: the duration of the litigation. Many people refuse legal proceedings precisely on the basis of the discrepancy between the costs and the expected effect: that is, the effort invested in bringing the offender to administrative responsibility is not worth the result obtained, which may not exist at all (the neighbor may continue to smoke even after the trial). In addition, a fine will really scare a few people. But if you come across a meticulous judge, and if you have competent evidence of regular and pronounced “disgrace” on your hands, then your neighbors may even be evicted from the apartment (there have been such precedents). In a “milder” case, when neighbors are undergoing round-the-clock repairs, it is enough to detect violations, such as illegal redevelopment, and complain to the necessary authorities in order for a fine to be imposed.

So, it is possible and necessary to deal with noisy neighbors by legal means, although you still shouldn’t hope for 100% success, it may not happen. Before you take extreme measures, try this:

1. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your neighbors. Surely there will be someone sane in the family with whom to talk. Press on the fact that calling the police and administering penalties will negatively affect your reputation.

2. If a sincere conversation does not go well, call the police in moments of particularly violent neighbors. Sometimes the police apply the necessary pressure and bring people to their senses, and the noise may stop altogether.

3. Have you come across completely insane neighbors for whom the police are not a decree? It happens. Then you need to immediately go to the local police officer and write a statement or start litigation in court according to the scheme described above.


  1. Noisy neighbors are a problem for most people nowadays, especially for me, and it's very uncomfortable.

  2. Oopss noisy neighbour are not welcomed.its just pathetic.yeah sincere conversation will be a good sign to convince them if agree good otherwise take police actions ok.

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