How well do you know your body

Do you know your body? Do you think that nothing can surprise you anymore? Rest assured, the body hides secrets that you did not even suspect.

We bring to your attention some little-known facts that you can notice on your own; you should pay more attention to the changes occurring in the body and the body’s reaction to various factors.


A person can be identified by his fingerprints - everyone knows that they are unique for everyone. And yet, there is one more unique zone - the tongue, an organ that no one living on earth can do without (except for pathological cases). By language, as well as by fingerprints, a person can be identified.


If everything is not right with your stomach, then, when experiencing painful sensations, the thought has often occurred to you that it would be nice to get a new stomach to replace the problematic one. But the body regularly fulfills this seemingly absurd desire: every 4 days the gastric mucosa has degenerated, being “burned” by acids that facilitate food processing.


Everyone has favorite and not-so-favorite scents. You will never forget or confuse them because the human nose can recognize about 50,000 different smells.


If you are a fanatic of cleanliness, cleaning, and disinfection, then this certainly characterizes you from the best side, because a small fragment of skin contains a huge number of bacteria. It’s just fortunate that most of them are not dangerous to human health.


The cause of unpleasant body odor is the excessive proliferation of bacteria in the locations of the glands. Increased sweating often occurs in the leg area, since it is on the feet that the largest number of sweat glands in the body are located.


The airspeed when sneezing can reach 160 km/h. Therefore, when sneezing, do not forget to cover your mouth with a handkerchief or just your palm.


The length of the network of all blood vessels in our body is 90 thousand km, and our heart pumps 6 thousand liters of blood daily to ensure a good blood supply.


During his life, a person produces 25,000 liters of saliva. Now imagine how many pools can be filled with the saliva of just one person? Almost two pools.


60% of men and 40% of women under the age of 60 snore. The noise produced during snoring is on average 60 decibels, while noise of 85 decibels or higher is dangerous for the eardrums.


Blonde hair is much thicker than dark hair. Red-haired people, on average, have 86,000 hair follicles, brown-haired people have about 100,000 hair follicles, brunettes have 110,000, and blondes have at least 146,000 hair follicles.


The growth rate of fingernails is faster than that of toenails because fingernails wear off faster.


In the first weeks of life, it is difficult for a baby to hold his head, because its weight is a quarter of the weight of the whole body. The head of an adult is, as a rule, five kilograms.


Do you sometimes feel so tired that you feel like if you don’t sleep for an hour, you’ll die? American scientists have found that if a person is in a state of 24-hour wakefulness for 11 days in a row, then death is inevitable.

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