Flowering Plants That Are Better Than A Valentine Bouquet

Chocolates, gifts, and red roses. Do they remind you of something?

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Blooming flowers are a treat for the eyes. You can never go wrong if you take along their favorite flowers to make your loved one feel special on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The shining leaves, stunning colors, and sweet fragrance lift one’s spirit immediately. 

Though flowers are a lovely present for your dear, you can’t deny the fact that they lose their charm over a few days. As they say, if you love a flower, you won’t pluck it but water it every day so that it grows more. So how about giving your Valentine a pot of flowering plants that reminds them of you each time.

Here is a list of flowering plants that are better than a Valentine's bouquet.


The small hybrid tea roses are a unique indoor plant. This plant grows little flowers and is a perfect gift to someone fond of roses. If your sweetheart loves roses, but can’t keep the larger variants at home, then get ready to make them happy this Valentine’s Day. 


Lavender flowers are very graceful with a beautiful sweet fragrance. It is a herb that makes a great gift as it does not require too much care. The aroma of the flowers provides calmness. Gift this lovely herb plant to your Valentine in a small pot and let them remember you when they come across its sweet and soothing fragrance.


This cheery plant will make your loved one happy every time. There are several choices for the size, shape, and color of this beautiful exotic plant. There could be no gift better than this potted beauty for those who like indoor plants and would love a lively plant on their desk every day. 


This luxurious house plant blooms throughout the year and is very easy to grow. It not only looks gorgeous but also purifies the air at home. This beautiful plant also brings happiness and prosperity wherever it goes. Gift this plant to your favorite person to make this Valentine’s Day memorable.


With a sparkling color and elegant heart-shaped leaves, the cyclamen plant will surely impress the love of your life. Select a potted cyclamen plant that looks fresh and has lots of buds. This beautiful plant will greet the recipient every day throughout the blooming season.

Peace Lily

One of the most beloved and widely gifted plants is the peace lily. It is capable of enlightening the aura of any place. The splendid white blossoms not only make the home look appealing but also purify the air. Surprise your Valentine with this magnificent potted plant and watch them smile every day.

The flowering plants that you give to your loved ones symbolize your relationship with them. The better you nurture and care for them every day, the more it blooms. It is one of those incredible gifts that never go out of trend. And the best part, is they are eco-friendly any day!

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