The best cure is from eating

Urine containing both blood and pus is densely spun by the foot of incense and is as flexible as a ball of pus. Urine has a strong fishy odor. A day and night forced me to urinate 10-15 times and each time it was torture because of the terrible burning. Should be afraid to urinate.

Urine is small, but every time I have to urinate, I can’t help it, so much so that I can’t pee in my pants. It’s okay to lie down, but when you sit down, you’ll have to urinate right away. On the third day, there was a mild fever accompanied by a 10-second throbbing headache. Therefore, I slept for a few hours at night and did not sleep deeply. There were nights when I could not sleep because I just fell asleep and my head hurt.

The mouth is bitter so it doesn’t taste good. For each meal, at most, I eat half a cup of brown rice with sesame salt a cup of brown rice flour, or a cup of stir-fried tapioca with a teaspoon of tamari sauce. On the 10th day, I saw something change in my body and the phenomenon of scale in the urine and urinary burning decreased a lot. The head no longer hurts.

As I changed in my body, I knew my body’s reaction had peaked and started to slow down until the end. By the 13th day, I urinate normally 4-5 times a day and night. By day 15, there was no burning sensation when urinating, no more sediment in the urine, and an appetite.

I started eating a few more carrots with my meal. Days later in my meals, I eat a little more lotus root, longan leaves, okra, bitter melon, or tikka. I eat nutritious porridge cooked with brown rice with lotus seeds, red beans, universal ears, and pumpkin alternately in the morning or afternoon.

By day 7 my weight was only 40 kg, and I was 1m65 tall. My body at that time was thin, only skin and bones. Like a moving skeleton, it is unstable to walk. I just walked around the house, not in contact with other people. However, the head was unusually alert, without the slightest fear. Faith is very strong.

I believe these detoxification reactions will pass, as the prophet’s macrobiotic theory warned. Master Bien said that any reaction of the body during the time of eating number 7 is a good response, and it will pass. Finding a way to block the detoxification response is to keep the toxins in the body. I understand that so I am at peace with what is happening to me.

And this calmness is transmitted to my wife and my relatives so they do not worry, do not panic. At that time, if my mind was a little scared, panic immediately followed my wife and family members and they would force me to go to the hospital immediately. There is a detoxification reaction going on where any chemical or injectable drug is introduced into the body which is life-threatening, possibly fatal.

In the past, I sometimes had low back pain, burning urination, anxiety, and memory loss. This is a symptom of weak kidneys. So when eating macrobiotics, this detoxification reaction occurs. In the past, if you had a disease that hasn’t been completely cured or is carrying any disease when you eat macrobiotics, you will reveal the symptoms of that disease, which Mr. Ohsawa called the last surgery.

Headache for seven days and seven nights and no sleep for seven days and seven nights

This headache detox reaction occurred in mid-May 2012, after 5 years of following macrobiotics. I was eating number 7 at that time and had been eating for about 2 months. I had headaches continuously for seven days and seven nights and couldn’t sleep for seven days and seven nights according to the headaches.

My head ached terribly, jerking continuously, aching with my heartbeat, walking also hurt, standing also hurt, sitting also hurt, and lying down also hurt (it hurts less lying down). The pain radiates from the top of the head to the right temple and down to the nape of the neck.

According to the books and the experience of the macrobiotics who went before, the headache usually appears for about 3 days and then goes away. I extended it to 7 days. On the fourth day, I still had a headache and was a little worried, so I called to ask Mr. Bien about my condition, he is now in the UK.

The teacher replied: it’s okay and when the headache is gone, the mind will change. Hearing that, I felt at ease and endured this time gently. After 7 days and 7 nights without sleep and eating very little, the head no longer hurts, sleep also returns, but the person is extremely tired.

Although the headache is gone, the mind is still dull and not awake. This situation continued for about 15 days after that. After that, my mind gradually became brighter, brighter, and more sensitive according to the macrobiotic journey. What passes through the ears through the eyes is understood faster, and remembered better. Realize that the world around you is full of wonderful and cute things.

When I was in middle school and high school, I often had headaches. Every time I have a headache, I usually feed myself a small pumpkin cooked in water with a pig brain. In 1996, I was paralyzed with the 7th nerve, followed by paralysis of the right side of the face. It took me almost a year to recover.


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