Local foods and the reason why we need to choose on macrobiotic eating

Local food.

Environment: The shorter the distance food goes to the market, the less greenhouse gas emissions are and this is good for the environment.

Taste: The taste of locally produced food is always more appealing. Farmers harvest in the right season. When the fruit tree is at its peak and ripe on the tree it is sufficient. When using local food, the food does not need to be harvested early when it is still green and young to transport it to places.

Biodiversity and soil health: Small farms tend to rotate crops and grow a variety of fruit trees. That diversity helps protect biodiversity and helps the soil to be better.

Economy: Buying local fruits and vegetables helps generate income for the locals and the communities where you live. It is better to spend money to spend it elsewhere. Farmers sell directly to consumers. Will return to the value of goods (because of bypassing many intermediaries).

Relationship with the planet: Eating food locally is synonymous with eating right season. That means we can understand the whole food system. Understand the value of our relationship with our planet. Help us feel like we are the planet owner.

Local food & community.

Community: Buying locally made goods creates “face-to-face” relationships. Help build the community and create many social benefits.

Soil protection: Choosing to eat local food helps to protect the arable land in the region from urbanization and commercialization.

Food safety: Foods that travel a short distance minimize the risk of contamination. Local farms are often transparent in the process of farming, more sustainable, and more responsible.

Nutrition: Eating food as soon as possible after the main harvest time will get the most complete nutrition.

Waste reduction: Local food will require less sophisticated packaging and the less fussy the less waste.

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