Why the Best Meal Replacement Shake Doesn’t Have Sugar

In this day and age, it’s not surprising that a lot of the foods we eat have added sugar in them. I mean, let’s be honest. Sugar tastes great! Which is why it’s a common ingredient in many sweet, and even savory, foods. Sugar in moderation isn’t terrible for you. However, most people overeat sugar without even realizing it. Eating too much sugar is extremely hazardous to your health and can lead to some very serious complications ranging from diabetes to heart disease. When you set out to lose weight, a wise first step is to cut out all sugar. While in theory that seems easy, it tends to be the most problematic step in a weight loss journey. That’s why the best meal replacement shake doesn’t contain sugar. In addition to being sugar-free, the best meal replacement shake wants to help wean you off of sugar, helping you stay on track not only for the duration of your diet but in the long term. Here are some ways that sugar is bad for you and how the best meal replacement shake can help you curb the habit.

Weight Gain

This is the most obvious con to sugar. This is because added sugar is considered “empty calories”, your body doesn’t retain any good stuff and quickly burns up the sugar and adds it to your fat stores. Sugar does nothing in terms of weight loss except add on the pounds. It also messes with your hormones leaving you feeling hungrier after you’ve consumed it. Sugar is a quick fix to curb hunger, but its effects are long-term. Sugar doesn’t provide any protein or fiber that is necessary to lose weight effectively. When you are trying to lose weight your body needs those two nutrients the most. Always check your labels when choosing a meal replacement shake. The best meal replacement shake should never have sugar added. They will also still taste great without all the sugar, which will slowly wean you off of sugar entirely. This will set you up in the long term making sure that you never gain back the weight you lost.

Health Complications

Sugar increases your risk of getting a ton of diseases. These can range from diabetes, blood pressure complications, heart disease, and cancer just to name a few. Having sugar in your meal replacement drink will not be beneficial to your health. That’s why the best meal replacement shake has no sugar. A big complaint a lot of people have about sugar-free shakes is that they taste bad. So a lot of companies will compensate by sneaking sugar into your diet shakes. The best meal replacement shake will take time to work through the issues with taste and give you the best possible tasting product without all the sugar.

Sugar Addiction

Yes, you read that right. Sugar addiction is a real thing. Studies have been done, proving that our body sees sugar as a drug. If you really think about it, it’s true. When we consume sugar, our body gets a sugar high, and we feel great until we crash. After we crash we feel sluggish, tired, and even irritable. Our body is looking for more energy which sugar provides. It’s a vicious cycle and it’s one that leaves us wanting more and more sugar. Sugar addiction is the root of the obesity crisis and most people have found that once they cut out sugar, it’s much easier to lose weight. This is why the best meal replacement shake will never contain sugar. The best meal replacement shake is designed to break sugar addiction by weaning you off sugar. Even if you consciously don’t want to eat sugar, your body craves it. With the best meal replacement shake, you’ll be able to take control of your body again and live a happier, healthier, life. Weight loss doesn’t just stop when you reach your goal. For most people, weight loss is a lifelong struggle.

Final Thoughts

Long story short, sugar does not belong in meal replacement shakes. The best meal replacement shake should contain little to no sugar so that you’ll be able to meet your weight goals. Always check the labels of shakes you’re interested in to make sure they contain no sugar. The best meal replacement shake should never contain sugar.


  1. Your tips about the Best Meal Replacement Shake that Doesn't Contain Sugar really helped me, I've just started not consuming too much sugar

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