5 Tricks for Longer Eyelashes

Eyelashes beautify a woman’s beautiful eyes and so every woman needs to know the tricks for longer eyelashes. With the right products and some good tricks, a woman’s eyes will look more dramatic and captivating.

The following are 5 tricks for longer eyelashes.

1. Create an illusion. Use mascara on your lower eyelashes carefully with tiny applicators. You can also use olive oil or petroleum jelly to add grease to make them dark. A change in color will create the illusion of length and thickness. Use an eyeliner to add dimension to your lashes for a more prominent look.

2. Eyelash primer. This should be applied before you apply a mascara, they are structural enhancements. Eyelash primers add fibers to your lashes and help in lengthening and thickening. Eyelash primer helps hold mascara better, therefore you only need to use a little mascara and yet obtain good coverage.

3. Buy the Right Mascara. Buy lengthening mascara instead of those that add volume to your eyelashes. Next, you have to use an applicator that will lift and separate your individual lash and coat each of them evenly without clumping. Buy an applicator with wide bristles that will add length to the lashes, this is another one of the tricks for longer eyelashes.

4. Use an Eyelash Curler. An eyelash curler will enhance the natural curves of your lashes and increase the length without the necessity of any makeup. The upward tilt that is obtained using a curler will hold for hours. Arched lashes that last the day can be obtained by warming the curler a little with your hair dryer.

5. Apply more than one mascara. This may sound a little too much but some mascara products are designed to lengthen and some are designed to add volume, multi-purpose mascara does both. A good branded mascara will do both jobs. However, the result will not be the same as that obtained when using a volume-enhanced mascara first and then a lengthener. It means you need to invest in two mascaras, but the results are worth it.

Apart from using these 5 tricks for longer eyelashes, you must definitely use Idol Lash, which is a growth-enhancing serum. This growth-enhancing serum is an excellent product, designed specifically for beautifying your eyelashes and is recommended by beauty experts globally.

It is made with all the natural products and hence it is 100% safe and has no side effects. You can even use a free trial of the Idol Lash enhancing serum and buy the product when it works for you, which definitely will. Idol Lash is one of the best tricks for longer eyelashes, just follow the instructions on the label and get long eyelashes in not longer than 3 weeks.


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