Top 5 Myths of Multitasking

Multitasking is an important issue that may be asked by many people. While doing some work in the computer you must have opened many windows or tabs. But are all of them necessary or vital? If you are writing or doing any work by looking at a worksheet, it must not come under the heading of multitasking. However, some of the common side effects of multitasking include misplacing of decimal points or accidentally replying to all emails. You may come across various myths on multitasking. It must be cleared for the convenience of smooth work.

A Glimpse of Top Five Myths of Multitasking:

will learn and come across some of the top ten myths of multitasking. A short description of this subject will make everything clear.

The first myth is only younger workers multitask. A survey has found that people above 65 years of age are engaged in this work. They often fail to check the work and make a mistake. It is no longer limited to young people but people of all other ages can also commit it. It is wrong to say that people of younger age commit to multitasking.

It is often said that practice makes a man perfect. This is not right in the sense that constant mistakes can affect the quality of the work. If you work two minutes here and two minutes in any other place, it will always be hard to go deep into any subject. You will be unable to concentrate on any work for a long time. This will also hamper your ability to think strategically and solve any deep issues.

It is seen in several cases that multitasking has never been a good communication and relationship-building skill. To make it simple, if you are listening to your friend and typing a message or checking an e-mail you can never do any of the work in a better way. Your brain will be unable to do both things. It is wrong if people say that they are doing all the things. Each of our brains has a special capacity and it cannot go beyond that.

It is a myth if you say that you are a good multitasker to get a better job. Many employers are also on the decision that multitasked employees are inefficient. They are now hesitating to recruit those employees.

Multitasking increases productivity is absolutely wrong. Instead, it will reduce productivity to a great extent and the employee cannot give his best to the organization. It is thus suggested to concentrate on one thing at a time. This will bring and yield better results.

It is thus advised to turn off all the e-mails and messages when you are at work. This will increase your concentration level. Try to make boundaries among your colleagues and make them understand not to disturb you when you are at work. Always think about how to complete the project within the given time. It must be the main strategy of your work.

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