Post Renovation Cleaning Checklist

Are you excited to live in your newly renovated home? But wait, just because the remodeling part is over, it doesn’t mean that the task is done. After all the construction, cleaning your house is equally important.

Post-renovation cleaning is essential to ensure that your house is clean, sanitized, and safe for you and your family to start living in. Though the cleaning process after renovation could be hectic and complex, we have compiled a list to make things easier. Here is a post-renovation cleaning checklist for you to follow:

  • Get rid of all the trash. Renovation sites have a lot of leftover trash like construction debris, plastic bags, sacks, disposable utensils, etc. Start with sorting the solid trash and collect it to dispose of properly.
  • Dust everything properly. Remodeling can leave behind a lot of dust and cement. Such dust particles, if left unclean, can make your newly renovated home look dirty. Remove the dust from the surfaces and floor with a duster, cloth, or broom.
  • Clean the appliances. A lot of dust can get deposited over your fixtures, like the air conditioners, filters, and lights. Make sure to clean them thoroughly by either using a damp cloth or by cleaning them with warm water and soap. Also, check if the air filters need to be replaced.
  • Remove the deposited paint from the joints. Sometimes, the paint spills or the brush touches the hinges accidentally, leaving behind odd paint patches. Hence, make sure that you clean all the hinges, joints, and the ground to get rid of the dripped paint.
  • Vacuum the walls and floor. Even if you try to protect everything with a plastic cover, fine particles of dust still get in the carpet, upholstery, and curtains. The best way to get rid of all the dust is to vacuum everything properly. Look for possible places where dust could be deposited and clean them off. 
  • Clean the interior of the cabinets. During the renovation process, the workers may store tools, materials, or trash in the closets and cabinets. You will likely forget to clean such places. Hence make sure to dust and clean the inside of the closets.
  • Clean the window panes. Your newly remodeled home will look even more dazzling if you have squeaky clean windows. Cleaning the windows with a glass cleaner or paper towel will remove all the marks or handprints and make them look crystal clear.
  • Clean the surroundings of your house. The whole renovation process will leave a lot of debris and garbage that might be lying outside your house. You need to pick up all the debris surrounding your home. Your trash doesn’t create problems for your neighbors either.

During post-renovation cleaning, you will have to pay attention to fine details. The noticeable mess is easy to clean, but the tiny dust particles and rarely used areas may go unnoticed. While you do the post-renovation cleaning, make sure you protect yourself by wearing gloves and face masks. Don’t get in contact with the harmful chemicals of cleaning compounds.

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