Living water: Nature's Gift with Healing Powers

Remember the funny song with the lines: “Children, drink milk and you will be healthy”? Meanwhile, milk today is declared either a panacea or poison.

Living water? Milk!

Milk is one of the most amazing products given by nature to humanity. Firstly, this is almost the only protein-rich food, besides seeds and nuts, that does not need to be cooked. Secondly, in terms of their chemical and biological value, milk and dairy products are superior to many others found in nature. And thirdly, milk is an extremely effective medicinal product!

Gift of nature

What is so valuable in milk? It contains more than 100 (!) different substances, including more than 20 amino acids. 40 fatty acids, 25 minerals, 20 vitamins, dozens of enzymes, and several types of milk sugar. Some substances necessary for the body are found only in this product! Let's just name scarce arachidonic acid and the biologically active protein-lecithin complex. These components prevent the development of atherosclerotic processes in the body. Calcium from milk is the most easily digestible calcium found in nature. The complex of vitamins A, B2, and D3 is also exceptionally favorably balanced in milk. carotene, choline, thiamine and ascorbic acid. All of them have a normalizing effect on serum cholesterol levels. Nutrition experts believe

A medicine for everyone

Long before our era, Hippocrates knew how to treat numerous diseases with various types of milk. The white miracle was recommended for gout, diseases of the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system, anemia, and also as an antidote. However, even to this day milk has not lost its medicinal value. In France, it is commonly used for many diseases associated with malnutrition. In Switzerland - to improve blood composition. Holland and Italy can be called supporters of the treatment of fevers, gout, asthma, and bronchitis with milk.

In our country, milk has always been considered the best remedy for colds. And for good reason! Milk, having a slightly alkaline reaction, naturally neutralizes the acidic environment. Experienced doctors are well aware of this and recommend taking medications that irritate the gastrointestinal tract with milk. But a special kind of acid is certainly formed during any inflammation! Including colds. So milk, and even soda, is simply the ideal cure for this ailment! Milk can also easily soothe a sore throat and “lull” them into the stomach. And a milk lotion can soothe itching from a mosquito bite and diathesis.

To drink or not to drink?

Why, in recent years, have we increasingly heard that this delightful product is intended exclusively for babies?

There really is a reason to attack milk. If only because there have always been, are, and will be people who do not tolerate any “gifts of nature” well. Including milk. Most often this happens with chronic gastritis, intestinal diseases, after gastric surgery, and allergies. And the “alkalinity” of milk is not always good for us. True, those who are not very friendly with fresh milk should not be upset, because there are also fermented milk products.

The main reason for the “anti-dairy company” is the urgent need to promote new food products to the market. And skillfully presented misinformation will turn some particularly impressionable consumers away from milk and ensure stable sales of “instead of dairy” products. Therefore, everyone who loves milk and does not experience discomfort when drinking it, 


  1. also I learned that drinking milk at night is useful for athletes.

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