Big exposure-why people all like Chocolate

Reason 1:Romance

Love is chocolate, Love is the heart of the melt.

In the heart of lovers falling in love, Chocolate is known as "deep chocolate", It is Valentine's Day and roses match the most precious gift. The chocolate is warm sweet as love ripples in the people's hearts sweet feeling, It has a childlike innocence sweet, gentle woman of enchanting, or is a man of strong deep. As long as you taste, the taste is lingering in your heart.

Reason 2: Youth

Wonderful happy youth, have a beautiful face, a beautiful mood, and a beautiful story.

Remember when we meet with friends the kind of unbearable mood? Like the colorful M&M; 's chocolate beans as cheerful. The color of elf, the color of profusion is they born nature, sharing joy is the essence of them. Have they in, happiness and laughter. Have they are in, the mood also is met such as the clear sky bright rainbow. They are like the youth that beat color, they float in the sky of individual character, they have the audacity of confidence and courage, and they are full of enthusiasm released at any time. You can't help but be attracted, infect their colors, and share their joy.

Reason 3:Health

Science reasonable eating chocolate will give us the happy, bring happiness.

Chocolate is good for heart health. Chocolate polyphenols exist widely in cacao, tea, soybeans, red wine, vegetables, and fruit. Give the ingredients unique charm chocolate polyphenols. Compared with other foods, cacao polyphenols were particularly high. Research shows that polyphenols with aspirin have similar anti-inflammatory effects and, in certain concentration could reduce platelet activation, and transfer radicals in the deposition of blood vessel walls, so it has the function of cardiovascular disease prevention.

Chocolate enhances immunity. The chocolate flavonoid substances have adjusted immunity. Through the drug means to regulate the immune function have some risk. In chocolate and other food safety is delicious, and can improve human immunity.

Chocolate reduces the cholesterol in the blood level. Cacao in natural existing cocoa butter can make chocolate have a unique smooth feeling and the characteristics of the entry. Research shows that cocoa butter contains stearic acid can reduce the cholesterol in the blood level. In addition, chocolate the single unsaturated fatty acid containing oleic acid fights oxidation. Olive oil also contains the same material. Delicious and aroma, love of faith for the protection of the chocolate teeth. The scientists found that tannin cacao can reduce the plaque of generation, and help prevent tooth decay. Milk chocolate is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and other minerals. The matter of enamel is good. Chocolate is less likely to cause dental caries, this is because chocolate in the mouth is cleared fast, thus reducing the it and teeth contact time.

Reason 4:Energy

Chocolate is sports and when you travel the ideal energy and dietary supplements.

Sports nutrition research shows that, before a workout, chocolate added to the energy in the body can make muscles and liver glycogen in full in the state, and improve sports results. In sports, chocolate can complement people in sports consumption of energy, delay fatigue, beneficial to recovery after the movement.

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